A Theory of Relativity



I am relatively sure

Of the friends that I hold dear

I think I know by now

The many things to fear


I know that it’s all relative

If the theory still holds true

The many things that we can say

There’s more that what we can do


To each other there is a string

That binds us all as one

Near or far it matters not

The end is never done


Day to day will come and go

Our world will still hang on

We are relative to each other

And we must all stay strong

17 thoughts on “A Theory of Relativity

      1. Shards Of DuBois

        put some peanut butter on Horace and let her lick away!!! that would be fun… 🙂 oh, or better yet… roll Horace in some kitty gonje and she’ll be ALL OVER IT! hehehe


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