The other day I was putting blueberries on my cereal in the morning. I started to reminisce about picking blueberries. I think it was a right of passage for most children. I remember my mother handing me a pail and sending me on my way. I remember the rocks near the blueberry bushes. They would get hot in the sun. Nice and warm for little bums to rest on. I probably ate more blueberries than actually went into the pail. But there was always enough for my mother to make a pie. I loved her pies.

It also started me thinking about my life. I’ve had a great life! I’ve experienced wonderful things, seen beautiful things. But when I’m gone will any of that matter. Sobering thought. In a hundred years who knows what will matter to people. I don’t know.

Part of me thinks that if I record all those wonderful experiences then something of me will remain. Perhaps, perhaps not. And that made me sad. But then I started to remember what exactly is important. People don’t usually remember what you say to them, but how you made them feel. I didn’t experience any of these activities alone. I shared them with other people. As long as someone remembers, then they will live in our memories.

So what if in hundred years no one remembers my name or what I have done. What matters is today and tomorrow. How I make people feel. This is something I can control. If I make people feel better about themselves in any small way then I’m doing my job. The reason for me being here is being accomplished. But it is a never-ending journey. My parents have been gone a number of years and yet people still talk about them with fondness. They were good people who saw the good in others.

As a people we seem to like our ‘stuff’ and that is fine. I enjoy my ‘stuff’. I also enjoy seeing a friend laugh when she was feeling less than happy. I enjoy seeing a child giggle at the antics of a swan. I enjoy watching someone figure out the last word in a crossword puzzle. And if I played a part in any of these scenarios then I can count myself wealthy.

Am I going to leave my mark in this world? I think so. But like sand on the shores, the mark will easily wash away. That is the cycle of life.



About the picture:

A group of us decided we would “climb” up a local road to raise money for charity. We finished our “climb” just as our high school football game was ending.  Now that is a memory to keep!

8 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. mishunderstood

    And there you are….beaming within a memory made! Loved this post. You are truly one of those “good” people. Just in your blog alone, you have shared your strength, wisdom, creativity, humour, kindness and insight with others. I am glad I have crossed paths with you. 🙂



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