I Still Believe



I am sitting here in front of my computer and I’m thinking about the future. I know what I have planned for tomorrow and for the following week. But what about the distant future? Growing up we all heard stories about how the future would hold flying cars and no diseases. We would go to work on moving sidewalks and have lunch half a world away in the blink of an eye. That future is not exactly what we got.

We don’t have flying cars and we can’t be transported around the world in seconds. We have cured some diseases but are woefully inadequate in others. Now I kind of expect to be a part of the future and I would expect the same of you. I’m not planning on being around for a hundred years but I’d like to stick around for another 20. Maybe.

It also makes me wonder where are we headed? Some parts of the world seem to be desperately trying to annihilate one another and some parts seem to be doing everything in their power to save the planet. Are you confused yet? Do we deserve to survive? Depends on who you ask.

I am a raging optimist. I believe we will survive and that we will thrive. I believe that we will find a way to live with each other, respect each other. What can I say? I won’t be around to see it if we screw up! I think the forces of good and evil are equally matched. Part of me would love to see what the future will hold in a hundred years. But perhaps I’m better off not knowing. As long as I don’t know the truth I can believe in the dream.

I’ve heard it said that we have made more advances in the last 50 years than we have in the previous 500. If that’s the case then the next hundred years should be spectacular! Of course it could also be said that we learned much better ways of killing each other in the last 25 years then in the previous 100. I guess it’s all about how you look at it.

I still believe in the dream and until it can be proven otherwise I will continue to do so. Have a nice future!

10 thoughts on “I Still Believe

  1. Paula

    Love this piece ~ I too believe that good and evil are equally matched…I also think evil is very noisy, rather a media hog and uses fear (so very contagious) as a handy tool. Good is often quiet, rarely makes the front page, and prefers subtle tools like contentment.



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