Poor Witness?




Be not a poor witness

To the journey that is life

Embrace it, enhance it

Make it sharp like a knife


This day it is yours

The night should be too

There is light to be seen

If you only knew


Open your eyes

And look all around

Open your ears

And listen for sound


Don’t dream for another

Accept what is yours

And live every day

Without keeping scores


Be a great witness

As your life you do live

Share what you’ve learned

And be ready to give

13 thoughts on “Poor Witness?

      1. Mark Lanesbury

        My pleasure Pam. For some reason it ‘touched’ me very much in reading it. Must be a message within it, thank you 🙂

        P.S. For some reason, your, and many other blogs lately, their ‘Like’ buttons aren’t coming up, just keeps saying ‘Loading….’ , so I haven’t been able to respond with even a like to any posts. Any ideas on what is happening?


      2. quiall Post author

        It has happened to me a few times as well. I simply ignore it. If I go back in later it usually has added the ‘like’.


      3. Mark Lanesbury

        Your ‘Like’ is finally back today, after about five days missing. I’ve kept a page opened for hours AND just gone back into pages at different times and they still were missing. I think WordPress may have been having a play with something.
        Anyway, and more importantly, great post, thank you for sharing Pam 🙂


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