Monthly Archives: April 2016

In For A Penny



A shiny new penny

Mint fresh from the bank

Crossing the palms

Of Clint and of Hank

The journey it’s had

It’s perils unknown

To a fountain perhaps

One day it was thrown

Lost was the penny

Alone in the dirt

Tossed from the pocket

Of a young woman’s skirt

Kept in a jar

For decades untold

The journey is not over

There’s more to unfold

A child’s favourite coin

Was once in a box

Hidden from view

Just under the socks

An actor once flipped

That polished up prop

For his role in a movie

As a villain or cop

Our penny has journeyed

In distance and time

A life in the sunshine

And others in grime

The dimes and the quarters

They all have a place

But the penny’s held dear

In a long state of grace

Our words are remembered

The copper sublime

In vernacular speech

It’s our place to shine

One for your thoughts

Another to save

Songs to be sung

Our penny so brave

The Canadian Penny has been discontinued.  It will be missed.

And The Experts Say . . .



I always like to hear what the experts say because it makes me feel safe. I feel as if there is someone out there who actually knows what he or she is doing and while I may not understand what “they” are talking about, “they” do. At least I hope they do. When I see a picture of a scientist who is working on the conundrum that is multiple sclerosis I believe, I have faith, that someone who is skilled in an area that I cannot fathom, has the same goal as I do. I want a cure to this disease. I want a cure for myself and for the hundreds of thousands of people around this world. MS has been good for me in a very bizarre way but I want to be normal. I do not want to have to plan my day around my fatigue. I want to get out of my wheelchair. I want . . . I’m I woman, of course I WANT!

I was reading a MS Newsletter recently and I saw a picture of a Doctor who is researching the fatigue element of MS. I saw the face but I also saw something else. It is said that we will see what we want to see, change the illusion to correspond to what we need. I saw hope. I saw determination. I saw a cure. Am I seeing what I want to see? You betcha! I am also seeing through faith. You see I have faith. I believe without a doubt that a cure will be found and it will be through the determination of people like that Doctor I saw in the newsletter. It will also be through the determination of people like me and people like you who WILL NOT let this disease destroy us. We can be and we will be as strong as we have to be to survive and to strengthen our bodies and our minds. I am proud to be who I am today and I will be proud to stand before the world in the future and to shout the words “I am healed”. One day I will.