The Cellular Two-Step



Picture this: a beautiful spring day, blue sky, warm sunshine breaking through a single cloud. A well-dressed forty-something gentleman is purposefully striding along the sidewalk. Polished shoes, well cut suit, crisp white shirt, tie. Perhaps a Rolex on one wrist, a signet ring on one finger. Also imagine an intense concentration on his face. His focus narrowed on one small screen. He is about to do the Cellular Two Step.

Picture now a twenty-something young woman walking along the same sidewalk in the opposite direction. She is dressed casually, running shoes, jeans and T-shirt. There’s a scarf wrapped around her neck. But you can see that she’s wearing ear buds and she too is focused intently on the device in her hands. Her focus is on her thumbs moving quickly across the keypad. In seconds she too is about to do the Cellular Two Step.

It seems this particular dance is learned early on. There have been accidents. Users have narrowly missed flagpoles, lampposts and yes cars. Not to mention the occasional collision with other human beings likewise engaged in their technological tangos.

I watch with great amazement and yes some amusement at the complete disregard people have for their surroundings. Their concern is simply for the eight or so inches in front of them about hip height and shaped like a tiny book. Their cellular phones. Oh forgive me, their cell phone. I often forget that the world revolves around acronyms and 140 characters. I miss long conversations with real words and the presence of two or more individuals. Now it’s more like LOL and IMHO.

I’m told that cursive writing is no longer taught in schools. I actually witnessed a young woman unable to read cursive writing. Unable to read it! This is the 21st century. This is a first world country. These are educated people. What will they do when the power goes out? I don’t hold out much hope. Those of us over 50 will have no problem. Those of you under 30 may die. Oops!

man on edge 2

17 thoughts on “The Cellular Two-Step

    1. quiall Post author

      You my friend have a choice! Are you aware enough to be able to function without power or to do rail against God and Big Government when the microwave breaks down? Tough call. I think you’ll be fine. I’m an optimist!

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  1. Shards Of DuBois

    I’m with ya woman, but what is IMHO??? I have LOL’d and LMAO’d even ROTF… but what is that…. I must hop on?? I mean how often? what! LMAO
    and I truly enjoy the dance when they crash!!! hehehe and ps… I’d watch out for that guy up there that eats raw frogs!!! 😛


  2. Susan Irene Fox

    I, too, have watched people walking heads down, thumbs working faster than their feet. I tried it once; almost crashed into a pole. Never again.
    Oh – ROTF = Rolling On The Floor. The one I can never remember is… uh, um, oh wow, I even forgot the acronym. Sigh. That’s what happens when you’re 65. :-/



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