Devils and Angels

March 29 2014 007


The devil’s in the details

I’ve heard them say it’s so

As charming is his craft

That makes him one to know

Now angels weep in fear

As they look upon our race

We never seem to do what’s right

We’ve missed the state of grace

They say the devil long ago

Was an angel in disguise

It was just a little misbehaving

That probably was not wise


There’s a battle all around us

A prize is in the middle

The choice is ours between

The good and evil riddle

But do we have the power now

To make the choice that’s right

Some will choose to go to dark

And some will choose the light


It’s in your corner now

The choice you have to choose

Eternal joy if you pick right

Damnation if you lose


Devils and angels

Constantly at war

They’re fighting for you

And they’re keeping score

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