Let there be life!


osprey nest

Three years ago I started watching a pair of nesting Osprey in Maine. That year there were three eggs. I watch them hatch, I watch them hustle for food and I watch them grow into three beautiful birds. I was able to watch them fledge (leave the nest). It was an incredible experience.

Because these birds will come back to the same nest every year I started watching again in April. I wasn’t disappointed at first. There were only two eggs that year. Or rather only two hatched. The third never did. When the two young birds we’re only about a month or so old they were taken in the night by what was believed to be Eagles. It was over in seconds but it was heart wrenching. Within a few days the nesting pair left.

For the last few days I’ve been checking in with my nesting Osprey in Maine. This morning there was only one adult bird there and she seemed to be reflective. She was standing at the edge of the nest looking down. Whoever was controlling the camera got a close up shot and I must say the view was spectacular. Several hours later I checked it again only to discover there are, I think, two eggs underneath this beautiful bird of prey. It must’ve happened moments ago as one is still covered in what looks to be blood. Mama looks happy. Well as happy as a bird of prey can be sitting on top of bunches of sticks very high up in the trees. Not my idea for a nursery.

As I watch this incredible creature I am humbled. She and her mate have created a home with twigs and sticks and moss. I don’t know how long they’ve been coming to this nest but I do know that they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. And they will stay together.

Originally the nest she is sitting in, was partially created by humans in order to entice a nesting pair to make this spot their home. A platform was constructed high in the trees overlooking a bay. Cameras were also added so we could watch the miracle of life unfold. Ospreys eat predominately fish so it is a great location.

Oooh, Papa just came back and kicked Mama off the eggs. I stand corrected there’s only one egg. He was giving it quite the once over. I guess he is checking out his progeny. Ospreys usually lay at least a couple of eggs so it will be interesting to see if she lays any more. I’m so excited to watch this year! Let the good times roll!

osprey egg

If you want to check them out: http://explore.org/live-cams/player/osprey-nest

9 thoughts on “Let there be life!

  1. scifihammy

    How wonderful to witness this miracle of life almost first hand. I hope this egg hatches and grows up into a new young Osprey and so continues the cycle. 🙂


  2. Sunshine Jansen

    I love these kinds of feeds and this was one I didn’t know about! Right now at work there are a pair of nesting red-tailed hawks in the building across from mine. I work on the top floor so I brought my binoculars to check up on them (I don’t have windows in my “office” so I have to go into the break room). It’s been great sharing the binocs with all the other people who show up and are equally fascinated. Some of us don’t even know how much we need that little bit of wilderness in our lives!



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