Not in my world!

May June 2013 064

I usually spend a week thinking about what I want to say in my Sunday post. I usually try ideas out in my head and discard those that are inappropriate or boring. I try not to spend too much time watching the news because it makes me feel so inadequate. All I can do is send money to help those in need. I just don’t have enough.

I thought that instead of writing a post I would simply post a short story. But I can’t get the horrors of the world out of my head. There are fires and floods, droughts and rainstorms. People are killing other people for $10 or an insult that may or may not have happened. People are starving, dying. Children, infants have no place to lay their heads at night. Some politicians are trying to help, others are making a spectacle of others’ suffering for reasons I cannot understand. The world has gone crazy and I want to get off!

I wanted this post to be light hearted and hopeful because that is what we need. That does not diminish the horrors that surround us but rather should provide us with a buffer. A means to survive the onslaught of the media and allow us to continue assisting in any way we can.

People are refusing to help because they are afraid of what ‘might’ happen. The world ‘might’ end tomorrow but it is not going to stop me from living today as fully as I can. How is it that people can turn away from another’s suffering? If you were in trouble would you not want someone to help you or someone you love? There is always a risk in everything we do and say. But the risk should not stop us from doing what is right!

I am a simple woman. I have simple needs and simple desires. What is not simple about me is the anger I feel for those who don’t care! I care. I think most people do care. But some people in authority are telling those who will listen that it is okay to discriminate, to bully and to turn away others who are suffering. Not in my world! The only way we will survive, as a species is if we pull together and help each other. It won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty but for all its horrors this is a good world and most people matter.

I really didn’t mean to have such a rant but some days the words have to be said. For me today was that day.


Be kind to your enemies, messes with their heads!

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