Monthly Archives: June 2016

A New Journey



My head’s in the game

But the rules they have changed

The field is new one

That I’ve rearranged


I want to adapt

And do the right thing

But time is against me

there is so much to bring


The journey is long

One step at a time

The way still is forward

To fail is a crime


Hope is the question

The end is in sight

Success is the answer

The future is bright

I’m back!

Ok I’m pretty sure most of you did not know I was away.  I have only missed two posts.  I usually post a weeks worth on the Saturday and Sunday unfortunately I was in the hospital all last week.  I only got home Monday afternoon.  And the hospital had no WiFi!!!!

It’s ok, I’m fine now. Just a very nasty infection.  Please forgive me for not reading everyone else’s posts.  There are a lot of you and a weeks worth.  I should be back on track in a day or two.

ME 2

Much love, Pamela (Quiall)

Give Thanks


Give thanks for the person

You are here today

Tomorrow is uncertain

Next week is unclear


Give thanks for the gifts

That are given your way

Remember your giving

Should not be from fear


Give thanks for the time

you still have to stay

Value your selves

And keep your friends near


Give of yourself

In your own private away

And there is your thanks

On their faces so dear

It’s a Small World


I have noticed in the last few years that my world has shrunk. Let me explain. When I was growing up my world consisted of the school grounds, the neighbourhood playground, the surrounding forest and of course my home. As I grew older we moved around a bit and my world enlarged. There was the local mall, friends in other towns, vacations, University, the working world. My world grew as I grew. I became aware of other parts of the country. I vacationed in several different provinces, even a few other countries. I may not have been ‘world traveled’ but I wasn’t completely inexperienced either. Lately I have noticed that my sights have turned in somewhat. My concerns are for the area immediately in my vicinity. I worry about my home, the sidewalks outside my apartment, the doctor’s office. These places are all within about a mile of my home. One mile. Once the world was mine for the taking (figuratively speaking). Now I am concerned about only my backyard. I guess that is what happens when your world is turned upside down by a crisis.

That sounds so melodramatic: a crisis. A predicament sounds a little too tame. This disease has made so many changes in my life, sometimes without my noticing.