The Zoo



Animals galore

Abound in the zoo

A weasel, a pigeon

And a hippo or two


There’s the shark in a frenzy,

So ready to bite

And I saw penguin

In a suit that was tight


There are tigers uncaged

Just roaming the streets

And silly young monkeys

That are looking for treats


Some holiday cheer

Abounds at the zoo

They’re looking for animals

They’re looking at you


The cages are homes

And jobs that we need

The zoo doesn’t keep us

And we need to feed


Wants and desires

Are what keep us locked in

The way we move forward

Sometimes it’s a sin


We build the cages

That lock us all in

Freedom’s a myth

That we fear we might win


What animal are you

As you journey through life

Smile at the humour

And challenge the strife

12 thoughts on “The Zoo

  1. Sunshine Jansen

    In my next life, I’m coming back as an otter; they have so much fun and, I like seafood. (And oh yeah, here is a golden opportunity for you to come back with a pun…) 🙂 Such a great poem!

    Liked by 1 person


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