I’m back!

Ok I’m pretty sure most of you did not know I was away.  I have only missed two posts.  I usually post a weeks worth on the Saturday and Sunday unfortunately I was in the hospital all last week.  I only got home Monday afternoon.  And the hospital had no WiFi!!!!

It’s ok, I’m fine now. Just a very nasty infection.  Please forgive me for not reading everyone else’s posts.  There are a lot of you and a weeks worth.  I should be back on track in a day or two.

ME 2

Much love, Pamela (Quiall)

53 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. barbtaub

    I can’t possibly say that I “like” a single bit of this post except the news that you’re back. (No wifi? That’s barbaric!) Don’t push it on the catchup, though, or you’ll end up right back in that wifiless pit.

    Hugs and kisses!

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  2. emilievardaman

    I noticed. I wondered. I also realize that on these blogs I follow, I have no idea how to reach the author. I simply prayed you were well and would be back in touch. Glad your infection is all cleared up!


  3. russtowne

    Welcome back! I’m glad your condition improved and your were able to be released from the hospital! May it be a long, long time before you ever again need to be a guest in a hospital.

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