It was a blast!


As most of you know I participated in an art show and sale last weekend. It was held at a venue that is specifically designed for local artists to show their work. The building is a heritage home and it is lovely!

I was convinced by a dear friend that I should do this even though it absolutely terrified me. My friend is an incredible artist and I wasn’t sure I measured up. I was wrong. I paint differently then my friend and she did her best to convince me that my work was good. She was right.

Our show was on for three days: Saturday, Sunday and the following Wednesday. I was exhausted at the end of it but I had one hell of a good time! I don’t think we sat still for more than two or three minutes a day. My friends, her friends, fellow artists and even a few strangers popped in and even bought a few paintings. It was a blast!

Even the weather cooperated. The location is on Lake Ontario and the incredible breeze that wafted around the area made for some very pleasant days. Even Wednesday, which while the temperature was approaching 40°C (110°F) it didn’t actually feel that way. I was also able to display some of my Daily Quips. People seemed to enjoy them. I was able to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in years. It was wonderful!

I must admit that it was pretty nice to see the faces on people who didn’t realize I actually painted. I even got a few commissions out of it! Who knew? It was fun! Would I do it again? Yes……. Maybe next year! I need a little time to recover. And to count my money!

Now of course this means two things: people like my work and I have bare patches on my wall that desperately need to be filled! My paint brushes will be coming out momentarily.

So I can now say without any arrogance or hubris: I am a painter, I am a writer. Bloody hell that felt good!


40 thoughts on “It was a blast!

  1. Amanda

    It was so fantastic to see! Can’t wait to see what you will have created for next year! I feel very blessed to know such a wonderful creative person!

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  2. Shards Of DuBois

    Well, look at you! And it only took a sale! We’ve known you were an artiste for a while now!! Bout time you enjoyed it! Congrats Lady! So so happy for you! 🙂

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  3. sheriliebschner

    Was looking through blogs and found yours–you sound so full of life and enthusiastic! Glad you had a great show! I wondered about whether my work was good enough to show for a long time, but now I just do my thing and don’t worry. May you continue to enjoy your work as a painter!

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