Nov 5 2013 005

I make them. I’ll bet you make them too. We all do. Anywhere from a few times a day, to a hundred times. It is the nature of the beast. We are human. And by definition that means we are fallible. Sometimes it is adorable, sometimes it is embarrassing and sometimes it can be horrific.

How we make our assumptions is based on past experiences, upbringing, culture, education . . . the list is endless. Often we make these assumptions without even knowing it and that colours the way we treat each other. Assumptions in and of themselves are not bad. They are part of the fight or flight scenario from the beginning of time. It was done so that we could assess the situation and determine friend or foe.   While that necessity isn’t as relevant, today it still is part of our makeup.

If you are walking down the street at midnight and see a group of youths coming towards you swinging baseball bats and screaming obscenities I think you are safe to assume that they are not the local Little League team. I of course could be wrong. I have never been in that situation.

If you are sitting in a bar drowning your sorrows in copious amounts of liquor and an attractive man buys you a drink, I think the assumptions on both sides will be pretty obvious. I of course could be wrong. Now I’m not going to sit here and say that I have never been in that situation, but good girls don’t tell!

Some of our assumptions are quite innocuous. I assume it’s going to be a nice day because it’s August and the sun shines most days. Pretty safe bet. I assume that when I go into the store and purchase an item it will actually be wrapped up and I will take it home. See, we make assumptions all through our day. Where it gets tricky is when we make them for the wrong reasons.

Just because someone is a particular sex or a colour does not mean that they have particular attributes. Blondes aren’t necessarily stupid and blacks can’t necessarily dance. A person in a wheelchair isn’t necessarily deaf so please don’t shout at me. We need to take a moment or two perhaps to gain data before we jump to an assumption. That’s it, two minutes. Look someone in the eye, say hello, you might just find someone who is more like you then you thought. I of course could be wrong.

18 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Ah Pam, the people who have sat me on my backside because of an assumption or two that I have made about them…I could count them on one hand…ok, maybe two…ok, wait a minute till I get my shoes and socks off 😀
    But in hindsight, great lessons my friend 🙂

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  2. George

    It’s a terrible habit we have as human beings. We know we’re doing it and it’s wrong and yet we still do it. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been much better with it. I think it may have to do with how our lives are played out at warp speed. We don’t have time to find out about people so we just assume. Easier for us. Bad for us. Take the time.
    Well said.

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