Real Reality?


cropped-cityescape.jpgThe other day I was waiting for a friend and I did something that I love to do. I watched people. As I’m habitually early everywhere I go I had quite a bit of time to sit. It was near a bus station so there was quite a wonderful cross-section of people. Some people were coming, and some people were going. Some people obviously had very important places to be and some had the world at their fingertips.

A group of young man approached me. They were close enough that I could hear their conversation. I was quite surprised. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been. One was extolling the virtues of a sports team, but I must question his schooling. His short conversation (that I overheard) was a full of vulgar expletives. I am not a prude but I do believe that level of vulgarity belongs in the locker room, not on the street where there are children.

These young men did not appear to be thugs, they seemed to be relatively well dressed (they were headed to a baseball game, so no suits in sight). They obviously had money to spend. So I can only surmise their need to speak such language falls to lack of respect. Quite frankly, lack of respect for themselves as well as those within earshot. What happened?

When I was a child respect was the word you lived by or your backside got a tanning. Everyone was Mr. or Mrs. or Miss. If you got caught swearing your tonsils got washed out. It’s not something you forget easily. We held doors open for others, now it’s done automatically by a machine! What are we teaching our children? We are teaching them that it’s someone else’s problem. We are teaching them that it doesn’t matter and by extension that they don’t matter. Everybody matters!!!! Our children need to know that. They need to know that the beautiful models they see in the glossy magazines are not real. They are airbrushed and primped and made up by other people. Reality isn’t real.

I just saw on TV that there is a movement for reality by some celebrities. They want to world to see them without makeup. I hope it takes off because that is what our children need to see. Everybody gets pimples and everybody has a bad hair day. Nobody’s perfect.

When I was a kid I didn’t worry about how I looked, I was a kid. I did kid things. I played in the grass, I rolled in the mud, I got dirty! And I loved it! I have wonderful memories from my childhood and I hold on tight to them. I wonder about the kids today hooked up to their computers, isolated from reality. What do they do when the power goes out? Do they know how to play? I’m glad I’m not a kid today. I’m glad I’ve got my memories.

15 thoughts on “Real Reality?

  1. Dan Antion

    Like, like, like this post! You brought up so many good points, Pam. I swear, kids don’t get dirty today. I temember the laundry commercials when I was a kid. Always some muddy child and a product to get it clean. When I get dirty working outside, I still sing “momma gets it out with A L L” (and my wife just sighs).

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  2. Mark Lanesbury

    The do gooder’s, through their fear and lack of respect for themselves, have brought in a fantasy world of what they think reality is, and appropriate laws that suit those fantasies. They think that they are creating a world where all is fair and true.
    But in truth, they are projecting those fears by their very actions, they are bringing forth a world of children who are the very epitome of what they fear. By absolving children to see that their actions have consequences, they become as they are, an adolescent in a grown up body.
    And that generation, and the one after that, will become as fools, for they have not the wisdom of understanding those consequences, and there stands the destruction of this world.
    For in those minds is a button pusher, a mind built from a true lack of love, because it was never taught to differ from what is right and wrong. Never realising their own worth is built on that very thing.
    And as each generation goes by, it becomes harder and harder to realign a mind that only knows to protect itself, never sharing from that place within, because it is taught from the previous generation, those who are now swearing profusely around anyone, abusing all and sundry, all the while trying to cover their pain with alcohol or drugs.
    Unless those people who are pushing this ‘protectionism’ are removed from places that have such affects on our youth, schools etc, their is only one final destination.
    Their is a balance that needs to be found, so that they do understand that their actions do have consequences, but also so that they aren’t being beaten to within an inch of their lives each time they utter a word. And soon.
    Um…I think my button got pushed Pam 😀

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    1. Mark Lanesbury

      Yes Pam, it is a particular passion because I can ‘see’ that the only place that we can truly bring in change to such a degree, is in our youth. The very young.
      Don’t get me wrong, we are all able to change at different times in our lives, but it is a huge leg up if we can give that guidance earlier so that children ‘start’ life a lot more balanced.
      I would LOVE to see good ‘counselors’ give that guidance in all schools, to find problems, whether emotionally or the normal schooling. Because it is in those younger years that they haven’t developed enough emotionally to handle the many things in life that is thrown at them. Yes, they have to trip and stumble on their own to build that independence, balance and respect of themselves and others, but a little guidance goes a very long way in that journey 🙂

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  3. scifihammy

    I agree about the swearing; on TV and in movies nowadays it is often every other word, and totally unnecessary.
    As for kids today, I do feel very sorry for them; they are losing out on so much development, both physically and creatively.

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