The English language

Is constantly evolving

Or de-evolving

As the case may be.

We drive on a parkway

And park on a driveway

And sometimes the two

Are the same.

Opinions are rampant

And you’re entitled

To yours

But sometimes

It just doesn’t help.

And no I don’t know

Just what needs to be said.

If I knew what was new

Then I’d go to the do

That I knew was due

Once I was out of the dew.

First your wound must be wound

With a bandage I think,

For the job to be done right

Which witch do you want?

With spells at the fore

I think we need four.

Now here is a reason

Their heads are confused

They say that they sank

A boat that was sunk

That everybody said would sink.

Then there’s the hare

With silly old hair

But no one could find a brush.

And where should wear

The wares from the hares?

Fashion’s a sore point for some.

If you think it’s a mess

I will surely confess

And then I’ll address

The problems.

With the words that we speak.

There’s so much to say

About speaking your way

Starting to stray?

Then in you must weigh!

You’re probably right

I’ll just sit here and write

And the voice in my head

Can drop dead!

Now never know fear

No worries I’m here

And confusion

Is the word of the day.





18 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. Annika Perry

    This is a great composition – don’t know how you do it! Funnily enough I was involved in a conversation about languages the other day and I said I think English must be one of the trickiest! Just for the reasons and confusions you mention.

    Liked by 1 person


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