Micro Decisions

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We make them, hundreds of times a day. What hand do I use to shake that of another? When I walk do I step out first with my left foot or my right foot? Do I smile at a sunny day or do I grimace? These are not conscious decisions but rather decisions that are made in a split second. They are decisions that are based on habit, inclination or perhaps even whim.   Rarely do we spend time thinking about the ramifications of these micro decisions. We simply make them on the fly.

I have a habit of preparing in advance for unknown situations. That sounds like an oxymoron. Since my mind is always coming up with scenarios, I simply extrapolate. If I am faced with situation A then I have prepared a reciprocal response for the situation. If I am faced with situation B then I have an appropriate response prepared. Obviously I cannot prepare for every situation, given that it is unknown. But I have enough of an arsenal prepared that I can usually wing it.

This comes out of a childhood where I was never prepared. I was painfully shy and terrified of everything and everyone. Especially people. I just assumed that whatever I said would be wrong or idiotic. I lived in constant fear. To protect myself I started paying attention to other people and how they dealt with each situation. It appears I had a good memory.

Moving ahead several decades and I discovered a new weapon. I joined the drama department in school and started acting. I was good. So good in fact that, in almost any situation, I could hide behind the character of me. I believe that this is where my storytelling comes from. And I’m not the only one.

Everyone has something they’re good at. They don’t always know why and it’s not always just due to training. Some people just seem to have an inherent ability to be brilliant. We can all be good at something, But there’re those that excel. Why? There is no answer. And that’s fine. We need a little mystery in our lives, a little magic. People ask me where my ideas for stories come from, where do my poems begin, my quips? Quite frankly I have no idea! It is the way my mind works. I love words and how they fit together, the sounds they make and the pictures they can invoke. See I’ve actually no idea!

What is it about you that excites you?

10 thoughts on “Micro Decisions

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Me! 😀 Sorry Pam, I meant ‘the real me’…inside, Spirit, The Guide, the Higher self…for the many events in a day that I touch, there is sometimes ‘something’ that comes through, that ‘knowing’ to be aware, to ‘see’ something not there for the naked eye.
    And it is that guidance, and always with a very touching, loving feeling associated with it.
    And I think that is the same for us all, the love that our ‘gifts’ are associated with, is a feeling all its own. We ‘know’ that centering feeling as we focus on that ‘thing’ that we do, and that focus always has a beautiful ‘touch’ inside. And if you watch another ‘into’ their gift, there is always a smile in there eyes, if not on their lips 🙂

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Thankfully, we can all ‘see’, and it is all built on that belief of ourselves. The more we move away from those walls that we build, the more we ‘see’.
        And it is beautifully crafted in a way that we just need to have faith and hope within ourselves that we can get past our fears, and as we go through some tough times to do that, it will make itself known.
        Mind you, I’m a male, I was a little bit slow in the beginning 😀 …but once that gate opened, hallelujah, it was like a blind on one of my windows was opened for the first time, a new view that went on forever 🙂
        The awareness is a very slow process so that we can appreciate what we have gone through in our journey, and at the same time, give us hope for the future 🙂

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  2. scifihammy

    Very interesting post 🙂 Thank goodness we don’t have to really think about all those micro events. And it’s great you discovered acting to help you out of your shyness, which I think is so crippling. I was very shy at one point as a kid, but like you, learnt to hide it. And creative writing is such a fun thing to be good at – I still remember your little hippo tales – Humphrey? 🙂

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  3. Sunshine Jansen

    Ha! I never actually joined a drama group, but I’ve always felt that I could probably excel at that and I too am sure there’s a connection between my tendency to “role-play” and storytelling. It allows you to get inside the characters of other people as well as yourself. Personally though, I fear I’ll always be a dilettante; I learn to do something just well enough to satisfy myself, and move on to the next challenge. Then again, one never gets bored!

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