Seven Women on a Train


Sounds like a joke doesn’t it? Well it was a good one! Allow me to set the stage. A friend and I were going to watch the Cirque du Soleil when it was in town. We were quite excited but it required a little bit of travel. We had to take a train from where we live to another town 30 minutes away. For those who are in the area we went from Oakville by Go Train to Toronto.

Now our Go Trains travel by rail around southern Ontario. They are vital to moving people to and from their work. I have used it occasionally and being in the wheelchair I am always concerned. But they are brilliant. I can fit on any car and they have a special platform where the train stops perfectly in line. A ramp is put out and I get on. There’s also a conductor in the car to deal with any issues I may have. Because I’m special! Ha ha ha! Anyone with special needs is given the care they require. Okay the stage is set.

The car we got onto was pretty full and people were asked to move so that I could sit comfortably. There was a baseball game in town so there were a lot of people. In the seat next to me and in two other seats across the aisle were five ladies. They were of varying ages but all were teachers. Some still working, some retired. A few times a year they would leave their husbands/partners/children and go on a trip together. This time it was Vegas!

I have never been to Vegas but enough of my friends have that I know the excitement is real. I am by nature a talker. I get that from my mother. Well the seven of us started to talk and we laughed and we laughed. The conductor on our car was, how should I say this politely, hot. And I’m not referring to the temperature in the room. When he walked the length of the car all 14 eyes pivoted in his direction. We were all of an age that we had no problem acknowledging the Scenery. I then piped up that eye candy was good for the soul. Another round of hilarity!

By the time we reached the next town these five women felt like long lost cousins that we loved dearly. They continued on to the airport and my friend and I attended a marvellous display of acrobatics in the Cirque du Soleil.

Had anything that morning been slightly off we would have gotten onto a different car and I wouldn’t have that wonderful memory of those five beautiful women living life to the fullest. Thank you ladies and I hope Vegas never recovers!

17 thoughts on “Seven Women on a Train

  1. rangewriter

    Ha! You know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so those ladies will never let you know just how much eye candy they encountered…even if you are charmed enough to run into them again. What a marvelous and well-told tale.

    Liked by 1 person


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