4 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    They are the only words that ‘touch’ within Pam, lowering our defenses and opening our hearts to ‘hear’ their worth because they are built on truth. All else is but a mask, to which we raise our walls to protect that ‘feeling’ heart inside 🙂
    It is when we understand our fears and our walls, that we then understand another and their masks, that we can then be open in all circumstances, because we ‘see’ why they are talking as they are, and also realise that they are speaking out of fear for themselves, and are in fact not belittling or negating who we are.
    It is that understanding that removes the power they once had over us, we realise, by understanding ourselves, it no longer matters what is said. And in fact because we can ‘see’ the untruth, our hearts go out to them because… ‘there for the grace of God go I’.
    That understanding actually empowers us, and now allows an open heart always, no longer reaching for masks and walls, that no longer matter 🙂

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