In The Back Of My Mind




An idea resides

In a hollowed out place

At the back of my eyes

In an empty old space


It watches and notes

Of the life that I live

Gathering intell

And stuff that I give


It’s collecting its weapons

And soon will be grown

Ideas are dangerous

With a life of their own


People can die

And mysteries be solved

But ideas need traction

It’s how they evolved


When ideas are bad

There’s no hope in sight

But the world is an oyster

When the ideas are right

9 thoughts on “In The Back Of My Mind

  1. emilievardaman

    My favorite line, I think, is, “…ideas need traction…” Fine concept.
    Want you to know I leave Saturday very early for Maine. Will be in and out of areas of Internet and four days for sure none at all – not even phone service. Taking a sailing cruise along the coast to celebrate my 70th.
    So don’t look for me to see your blog for a while. When I do find Internet, I’ll be posting!

    Liked by 1 person


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