The New World?


I am sitting here looking at a blank screen. It’s a very pretty screen. Think of snowmen having a snowball fight in a snowstorm. Can’t tell who’s winning!   All week I’ve been thinking about this post. It was going to be brilliant! It was going to make grown man weep and children would change their life plans. I was going to answer all the questions, prove all the myths and debunk all the hypotheses. It was going to be good. And then I woke up.

Don’t you just hate it when reality gets in the way of a perfectly good fantasy? And what is reality? If I can see it and touch it and smell it and taste it, it is real. But is it? That imitation real crab that you were eating is real, but is it? I look around my apartment and Yep this really is my apartment and I really am here but when I go to sleep at night I like that reality better. Sometimes I think these thoughts are better left to poets, Saints and social workers. But wait just a moment, I am a poet!

I look around our world and I am sad. Why do people tell such horrible lies and then lie about the lies. Say what! There was a program on TV a while back that postulated the idea of our world without people. Poof! People gone. In the beginning it was horrific. Some animals that had been our cherished pets, our furry four legged children did not do well in the New World. Others adapted and survived. Devices that we had left on caused fires, catastrophic explosions. Things got much, much worse before they got better. The air cleared and the vegetation retook the cities. But would it be a better world. Yes! And no.   People don’t make the world a better place. But they can make responsible guardians if allowed.

In this New World there is no one to force back the weeds to allow the flowers to bloom. There is no one to fix the wound when a dog breaks his leg or to ease his pain. There is no one to fix the problems that occur naturally. Could the world survive without us? Absolutely! It did just fine for several billion years. The world doesn’t need us, but we need the world. There are those who understand this and are working to correct some of the problems that we alone have created. But there are too many who think that this is our own personal sandbox and we can do with it what ever we want. That attitude has been too prevalent for too long. We need to fix it and we need to fix it now.


11 thoughts on “The New World?

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    I’ve started at home first Pam…all gluten, lactose and as much processed junk as I could find has been removed. If the rest even remotely look like chemicals, it is gone.
    One last thing to do….Monsanto and their mates… I sign everything that will stop that disease in its tracks, and loudly…they have been allowed to run amok for far too long 🙂

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  2. scifihammy

    I hope that children today are taught to take better care of the world than we did. If we can only hand it over to them in some sort of working order! Change begins right now with each one of us.

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  3. John W. Howell

    Each day I walk the beach and take notice of the small bits of plastic that remain after the tide goes out. This is material that will never disappear. It is eaten by our sea life and cause deaths by the hundreds of thousands. Plastic is killing our seas and yet it is still available to pollute the oceans. We should return to glass which does not require petrochemicals to produce and as far as I know not one sea creature has died as a result of ingesting glass. If mankind insists of disposing trash in the ocean lets at least throwaway items that sink and will eventually go back to the sand. (glass is made of sand after all.)

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