Does Age Matter?

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Well it depends doesn’t? I was in a shoe store a while back and this very lovely lady was behind the counter on the phone. I held back waiting for her to notice me, not wanting to interrupt the conversation. She turned and our eyes met. As she was smacking her lips chewing gum she twittered into the phone about some boy and turned her back on me. Seriously, I’m a customer!

She looked 12 and appeared to have the same set of manners. I left. A few weeks ago I went to a movie theater with a friend and didn’t realize how difficult it was to buy tickets nowadays. I thought you just handed over some money and you got a ticket. But this 12-year-old behind the cash register wanted to use my phone. What the? We eventually figured it out but every person at that theater that I interacted with appeared to be 12. Have I gone senile?

First of all, in this country I think it’s illegal for 12-year-olds to be working. I’m sure they do some jobs but I’m pretty sure they don’t have papers to work. So it stands to reason that the individuals I have been running into are not 12. Then why do they act like they are?

When I was a child, and a youth, there were rules. You know: you said “please” and “thank you” and you showed respect to everyone. If you didn’t you were disciplined at home. That wasn’t so much fun but it was a great incentive to behave. Now parents are afraid to discipline and kids run right over good manners. For the record not all kids are a problem! But there seems to be a whole lot of them and they all seemed to be 12 years old!

I was introduced to a nurse recently who blew my mind. He didn’t speak much but I wasn’t comfortable having a male nurse in my home especially one who looked to be 12 years old. Some the best nurses I have ever encountered have been male but in a hospital setting. There’s a difference. I want my nurses to be female and look like they have some experience. Perhaps that makes me stingy but I’ve done enough training in my day and I’m tired of it.

The one thing I will say for these people who look to be 12 is that as they age they will retain their youthful looks and that is commendable. I’m just not sure I’d like to see a pilot or a police officer who looks to be 12. On the other hand neither would I like to see a pilot who looks to be 92. Call me an ageist if you wish. Appearances matter.

19 thoughts on “Does Age Matter?

  1. Dan Antion

    Some people hit their peak at 12, Pam.

    It’s funny that you mention pilot. I once flew to visit my brother in Iowa. the last leg, from Detroit to Des Moines is a short-hop, small plane deal. The pilot was standing outside the cockpit as we entered, welcoming us aboard, and I wanted to ask him if he was old enough to drive, let alone fly a small jet. He looked like he needed a car seat.

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  2. Donna Florack

    I hate the ones who treat you like you are a waste of their time. On the flipside, I have had some very lovely conversations with clerks at our local grocery store who are young enough to be my child (or younger). One young man noticing I bought cat food, cat litter, and cat treats asked me if I had a cat (duh). He then proceeded to tell me that the previous owner of his apartment had left two lovely kitties behind. He’d adopted them, and he wanted to know how many litter boxes he should have. I had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with this sweet young man. He made me want to get in his line every time I’m in the store. There’s a young lady there, too, who’s got great manners and a sweet personality. I love talking to her, too. Some of them are horrible, but not all of them. I think it depends upon how they are raised. If you are raised to treat others kindly, you will do so when you are out in the working world. If you are raised as a spoiled brat who gets away with murder, you think the world owes you a favor and you’ll treat everyone like crap.

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  3. oldmainer

    Well, my doctor is much older then 12, but I have noticed that all the local news anchors and meteorologists are about that age. And, oh yeah, I think our veterinarian is younger then our dogs.

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