It’s Simple


March 29 2014 009

A simple mind

Refuses to hate

When all around

Is in chaos.

A simple mind

Rises above

The malice

And indecision.

A simple mind

Isn’t afraid

To be the first

To say no.

A simple mind

Often stands alone

While others wallow

In self doubt.

A simple mind

Knows the difference

That doesn’t exist

Between us all.

A simple mind

Accepts the truth

It really is

That simple.

8 thoughts on “It’s Simple

  1. coastalmom

    It really is pretty simple! Loved this reminder so much!
    I coordinate events and I’ve inherited some old events where the staff has pre-warned me and kind of tainted my attitude about certain ones. This year, I decided to approach everything with love and you know? It is pretty simple. And surprisingly what do ya know? It has been working! Imagine that? LOL. If only we could make it that simple in everything without thinking about it!

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