A Pause


I want to stop for a moment. This is a peaceful moment. The TV is off as is the radio. The streets are silent. I feel secure in who I am and in what I am doing. I am beginning to realize that I am really enjoying the act of writing. I guess I always knew that I enjoyed it but I never felt I was good enough. The realization is that it doesn’t matter if I am any good. It doesn’t matter if anyone ever reads a word. I know I have said in the past that everyone is capable of finding something to do that they could love if they tried hard enough. At that time I really hadn’t. It is easy to tell other people what to do and often very difficult to take our own advice.

Well I guess I did end up taking my own advice, imagine that.

I know I talk about what other people are capable of if they just let themselves try.   We are our own worst enemies. I know I am. Some days it is just easier to sit back and watch TV or read a book and not do those things we should. Like exercising.   I did my exercises this morning . . . most of them. I caution people to continue to do things even if they are difficult. Being able to say something is difficult is better than saying something is impossible. That is another word I do not care for: impossible. I wish I could say that everything was possible. Maybe I can. Maybe it is just that one particular manner of doing something is impossible so another way will have to be found. Yes, I like that. I still go for walks I just don’t walk. And think about it, inside the word impossible is the word possible.

So . . . everything is possible, just not necessarily in the way you envisioned.

Out of every negative a little positive will fall.

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