What do you normally do when someone tells you to relax? Are you anything like me? It’s often said during a conversation where I am animated and passionate about something. Do you know the phrase “it gets my dander up”? Well it does mine! It makes me really cranky. Not a good idea for a redhead. I’m just saying…

Now, I have a temper. It was much more apparent in my younger years when I had very little control. Now my temper is firmly tethered to good sense and decorum. I will admit that it is often pulled very, very tight, but I’m usually able to keep it in check. I have been known to erupt like Mount Vesuvius when my dander is up. It did make for some glorious fireworks! I am a little more relaxed now.

Actually my anger is a tad more dangerous now because I don’t erupt. Now I get very, very quiet. Think of dying by a slow a gentle burn as opposed to a quick, sharp death. I know which I would prefer! I’m a redhead I have a reputation to live up to. Silly me! I’d like to say I have matured but that has so many connotations that I don’t think apply to me. I like to be silly! I’m keeping a very tight grasp on a little bit of my childhood whimsy that did me so well when I was small. But yes, sometimes I just need to relax.

And when you think of it, it really is a good concept. Properly administered of course. It is a ridiculously simple notion but it is valuable nonetheless. If you relax things just seem to be better. I find that my spasms are not as severe when I force myself to relax, I sleep better, I basically feel better. Now this is something that works for me. Meditation may be the answer for you. And it may not work at all.   Having a disease is stressful, life is stressful, so relaxing may be difficult. Just because it is difficult does not give you an excuse to not do it. You can try it on your own or get a book on relaxation techniques, or meditation. I will try anything that might work.

A good night sleep is important for most people and vital for people who are dealing with a disease. If you are tired midday, take a nap. Take a nap whenever you need it. Your body needs to be recharged often and well. Do not skimp, if you do you will pay dearly later on. And remember: relaxing means fewer eruptions and less societal damage. Unless of course that’s the look you’re going for! Hahaha Relax! Relax!

15 thoughts on “Relax

  1. Jill Dunbar

    Dear Pam;

    Please do not ever lose your “childhood whimsy”—It is amazing how being around you, makes me happy because of your wonderful smile and what appears to be a very relaxed lady. Don’t change, please.

    Peace and love,

    ~ Jill ~

    “Aspire to inspire before you expire”

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  2. Donna Florack

    I tend to be very emotional (“you wear your heart on your sleeve”) so I’m always getting told to “chill out”. That infuriates me! I usually relax by listening to music. If I’m really upset, I’ll scream along with it. That always works for me (scream therapy?). You’re right about sleeping, Pam. On the nights I sleep poorly, I feel terrible the next day.

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