I am a Nester


Nov 5 2013 017

What you ask, is a Nester? Well, in the parlance of a baby boomer, I like to stay put. In my 20s and 30s I enjoyed travel. I’ve been whale watching off the east coast of Canada and I took a cruise to Alaska from the western coast of my country. I have flown overseas to England and Northern Ireland. I’ve been south of the Canadian border into the United States. I loved every minute of it. Or at least I have fond memories of it all.

I have lived at my present address for more than 20 years. I intend to live here for another 20, give or take. I’m now in my 50s and the thought of getting on a plane leaves me cold. I used to love the preparations for a trip. When I went on a weeklong canoe trip into the wilds of the Canadian North I knew I had to carry all my gear so I packed accordingly. I never for a moment skimped on my comfort but I was judicial with my choices. It was the same when I flew overseas. Hours on a plane do not have to be horrid even in coach! Of course my flying was all done pre-9/11. I’m pretty sure the spritz bottle of water I used to hydrate on a long flight is no longer allowed. Too bad, it was really refreshing.

I still fantasize about a trip to New Zealand or some unexplored island in the middle of the ocean. But the reality is that I would rather do it vicariously. I like my home. I like staying put. I am lazy. Yes I’m putting that in print, I am lazy and I like my creature comforts. I like my tea. I like my pillow. I like my bathroom.

I love travel shows on TV. I love reading about other people’s experiences. I once went to New Zealand via the Internet. I planned it right down to the correct flight numbers and hotel rooms. I even got pictures through Google Earth of the different activities I “experienced”. I checked with the weather network in New Zealand. I wrote it as a diary in real-time. It was a blast. An armchair vacation.

Actual traveling now would require a whole new set of variables. There is the wheelchair, an attendant and lots of other non-comfortable items that go with my disease. Yech! But in my mind I am able-bodied and eager for an adventure. Now that is the way to travel! I really should be planning my next armchair vacation . . . the Azores perhaps?

21 thoughts on “I am a Nester

  1. George

    That’s funny..the older I get the more I feel the same way. I enjoy traveling but I now prefer shorter trips where I can just gets in the car. And it always feels best when I get home ..:)

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  2. scifihammy

    I couldn’t agree with you more! 🙂 The preparations for travel are nearly as exhausting as the travel itself and though flights have become faster, transit through airports has not! I have to go to the UK again next year, but I’m trying not to think of the 12 hour flight!
    Much nicer to sit in the comfort of one’s home and travel virtually. 🙂

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  3. Jill Dunbar

    Dear Nester;

    Tell me about your trip to the Azores – I’m sure it will be wonderful …Virtual trips can sometimes be the best and you write so incredibly well, that once you have written about it, I will feel that I have been there as well. Not too hard on the pocket-book either J

    Sorry to have missed the craft morning at St. Jude’s,, but I was just getting ready to leave and made a phone call to check on a very ill friend….When his wife answered, I said I just wanted to check on her husband and I said, “Vi, how is Les doing? “ – the reply was, “He’s dead” – short & sweet, but shook me and I knew I had to call a few mutual friends. I’ll tell you I will never reply to anyone that way!!

    Going to get ready to leave for the 9:30 a.m. service…(not dressed yet!)

    See you, I hope, on Monday —having read the book of Ruth!!

    Much peace and love,

    Jill xo

    ~ Jill ~

    “Aspire to inspire before you expire”

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  4. Donna Florack

    I’ve always been a homebody and disliked going anywhere even when I was young! My parents dragged me around the country every summer, and I whined and complained about being uncomfortable and away from home. My hubby wants to travel now, and I still hate it. I’ve only ever been to parts of the U. S. and Canada. I saw some nice things but disliked every minute of the travel. I write this from a hotel room in Ohio (I live in New York State). We are here on our anniversary trip and to see a Keith Urban concert. I will have fun, but I still wish I was home!

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  5. Mark Lanesbury

    Now there is an idea Pam, start some online itinerary’s for some amazing journey’s. Call it ‘Armchair Airlines’, or some such, and create bookings for them. Open them up on their departure dates and it will allow those that are caught up with conditions to practically be there.
    You never know, there would have to be many, many people in that predicament, that would just love to at least see what is out there, and in this, almost be there 🙂

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Not having traveled outside Australia, I don’t think I would have the experiences to give it an authenticity. But I do think the idea has merit for the many who just can’t get ‘away’ for whatever reasons.
        I mean you can go hunting on the internet but having not been in a location you don’t know what to search for. This way, all the beauty of a place can be ‘toured’ to at least enjoy the atmosphere of a place 😀

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  6. Sunshine Jansen

    Oooh, I’ll see you there! 🙂 I am constantly reminded by my traveling friends of how happy I am to have got my globe-trotting done when I was younger; it’s just not humane these days, no matter how mobile you are. So I say Hooray for HDTV!

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