5 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Except my heart, as I so choose from my understanding of unconditional love 🙂

    Footnote * As I saw my own hatred for others, and understood that they were built from my own fears, I have released those feelings, simply because I now ‘see’ myself in others, and the journey that they do. When I see someone ranting or railing against another, I see their fear, AND the fact that…that is all that is driving it. Once they understand ‘their’ fears, it loses its (fears) power, and we gain back our own power (love), because the fear is a wall, it blocks understanding. Seek our own fear, and those walls of anger, hatred, jealousy etc…are all gone!

    Footnote ** Sorry Pam, the footnotes are bigger than my comment 😀

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