Romero had Juliette

And Batman had a car

I think being friends with Robin

Is what made him a star


Superman had Lois Lane

But first another pair

Adam was with Eve they say

The world their private lair


Paris fell in love with Helene

And left his world to die

Scarlet should have gone with Rhett

With all that could imply


Thelma and Louise were free

They went about their way

The fact it was illegal

Would not mess up their day


Darcy and Elizabeth

A fictional tale of love

Whose constant daily bickering

Seem to fit just like a glove


Now Samson and Delilah

Had strength between these two

A simple cut and then behold

Weak was all they knew


Just because you’re with someone

Was it was meant to be?

But when it really does go right

Blessed you will see


Every day can be maniacal

A daily life so tough

But when the pairing is just right

There is magic in your stuff

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