I have decided I need to admit a truth. I feel hatred, great hatred. I have held this hatred deep within my soul for more than 50 years. I do not apologize for it, I am simply stating a fact. I know that hatred is a negative emotion and one that we should all try to avoid. The object of our hatred probably has no knowledge of it and is not concerned. While we, the holder of the vile emotion, are consistently torn apart by the energy required to continue to hate. I can now admit to those I respect the most, the truth:   I hate beets.

It’s true. Horrible, slimy vegetable, Yech! I apologize to those I have offended. I know some people love them and I can still respect them but I will not join them for a Beet Party. If you need to stain something a particular shade of red then beets are the answer. If you want to make a salad may I respectfully suggest you choose something other than the red bombshell, at least if I’m invited to dinner.

Did you get my point? Do you see how ludicrous it is to hate an entire group? I dislike some people, probably some quite intensely. But how can I hate an entire group of people when I haven’t met them all? People are choosing to hate a group of people because of something a bully said. Now, in my opinion they’re just showing me how incredibly stupid they actually are. I don’t hate all vegetables. Just one. And it’s not their fault I just don’t like the flavour. Every individual is different.   We tend to associate more with people who are like us then, people who are not. But at the core we are all the same.

Every single individual on this planet has the same colour of blood. We all have hopes and fears. We love and we feel pain. We are all part of one collective: we are all human beings. Yes, I will admit that some individuals are pushing the envelope just a little. They don’t seem to want to actually belong with the rest of us. And that’s okay. They can leave anytime they want. But they shouldn’t try to take the rest of us with them. This is a big, beautiful world populated by incredible people. I wish we could all just get along.

34 thoughts on “Hatred

  1. scifihammy

    You’re right that hatred is a waste of effort, but we all hate something. (There are quite a few foods I really dislike!)
    However, it’s about time we viewed the human race as a whole and not hate small differences. I agree wholeheartedly – why can’t we just get along. Live and let live.

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  2. Sharon Walmsley

    Pam I wait each and every day for you’re work. When I saw “Hatred” and then the blinded horse I was sure it would be comparing the play Equus and the stabbing of their eye’s to the hatred going on in our world right now. I laughed when you started by writing about beets. Then into the hate going on. No, the large majority of us know this hatred of anyone cannot be tolerated, Needed that lightness from the darkness happening. Thank you Sharon

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  3. Donna Florack

    I agree with you, Pam. I am sick and tired of the hatred and negativity. It’s distressing and disturbing. The political ranting and raving here in the US is particularly vicious and ridiculous. When will it end?

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  4. Mark Lanesbury

    Swap beets for that green sprangled lettucy salad thing they call ‘rocket’ Pam. Just imagine licking the bottom of a dishwasher used for cleaning car parts. Now I know everyone has different tastes, but that stuff is beyond a flavour, it should be put on the banned poisons list. Yucko, big time!
    I respect everyone’s freedom of choice, but in this instance, for their safety, it should be also banned. Now lets see….beets, rocket….mmm, this list could get nasty….oh, what if someone doesn’t like ice cream or heaven forbid, chocolate!!!
    Ok, forget the banned list…I suppose I should open my heart and respect others choice’s too 😀

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  5. Mish

    My husband said that he hated beets, but he’d never really tried them….roasted. So…I roasted them and ….oh how he loves them….who knew!? And that is the bottom line….how can we “hate” that which we do not truly know. What we do know is that we are all human and why would we just hate another human? It’s like hating ourselves.
    Great post, Pam.

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      1. Mish

        Try it, you may like it! Peel, chop, toss in some olive oil, little s & p. Throw them on a foil lined cookie sheet. Bake at 400 about 1/2 hour or until softened. Delicious.

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      1. The Whitechapel Whelk

        Our American cousins are always welcome on these shores, so I would say a wholehearted”yes” to that one. 🙂
        Be advised though, that we have more than our fair share of “vegetables” here too. Mainly in The Houses of Parliament. 🙂

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