8 thoughts on “Daily Quip

      1. Mark Lanesbury

        When we finally see the emotion that builds arrogance, we finally realise it is built on their self worth. It is a compensation for low self worth in some way, and is then over compensated by that arrogance to cover what they believe is something they don’t want others to notice. It is an emotion out of balance.
        An equivalent is someone who doesn’t like to lose because it gives them a low self worth, and can even make them angry or a feeling that they are not good enough in some way, so they go all out to win at whatever cost. An arrogance if you will 🙂

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      2. Mark Lanesbury

        Forgot to add…that when they ‘see’ that arrogance, it is usually after a large fall, and it makes them look within so that they can see why they have been acting in that way. And in that understanding, the low worth is understood and released, and the beginning of that self love begins because of that understanding 🙂

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