Groundhog Day 2 2 13

My dear friend over at Healing Your Heart, Mark Lanesbury, revisited his very first blog and suggested that it might be fun for me to do so as well. He believed that it “would be a fun way to look at your Blog growth and transformation!” I like Mark and I enjoy his blog so I thought I would comply. Can you imagine my horror when I saw this?

Groundhog Day 2 2 13

I am sitting here looking at a blank page and I don’t know what to say. This is my first blog and I want to say something monumental and pithy and life affirming. And all I can think to say is hello. Perhaps it’s a tad banal but I mean well. I’m hoping that I will enjoy writing this blog and I hope that you will enjoy reading it. Together this could be one hell of a ride, so welcome. Welcome to my blog.

I have changed nothing. Talk about banal! Ok, ok, I was a newby and totally out of my depth. I believe I have grown and my writing has matured to a point where I am proud of what I write. (Mostly. I am a little embarrassed by some of my quips but the humour factor outweighs the morality code. Sorry Mom!)

I have also grown immeasurably simply by reading others’ blogs. I have gained insight into myself as well as the world we inhabit. Most of my quips are triggered by comments I make to others. I enjoy the process so very much. I have gained a confidence that has helped me to share of my self, which I believe benefits my writing. When I am not physically putting pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) then I am thinking about writing (literally speaking).

And it makes me smile. I look at a tree and see a poem. I argue with a bureaucrat and I have the foundation for a post. I am having a ball! (The kind I play with!) Hopefully I will be able to continue for a very long while. Oh and some of the people who ‘liked’ my words four years go are still with me. Yeah!



See Marks words at:   I highly recommend it.

19 thoughts on “Groundhog Day 2 2 13

  1. Almost Iowa

    Ok, ok, I was a newby and totally out of my depth. I believe I have grown and my writing has matured to a point where I am proud of what I write.

    Ah, there it is, right there. I wish every blogger and writer who put their fingers to the keyboard for the first time could read that.

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  2. scifihammy

    I like your first post. 🙂 It is open, friendly and honest. Hello there to you too! 🙂
    And I agree – as long as we are having fun and learning as we go. Life (or blogging) is a journey, so we might as well enjoy the ride.
    I’m happy to be experiencing it here with you, Pam. 🙂

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  3. Jill Dunbar

    Dear Pam;

    I have to tell you that I enjoyed your first Blog as much as I enjoy each and every one …..Yes, maybe your writing has improved, (grown and transformed) BUT I still love all of them and look forward to receiving each one JJJ. KEEP ‘EM COMING, PLEASE !!!

    Peace and Love,

    ~ Jill ~

    “Aspire to inspire before you expire”

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  4. Mark Lanesbury

    The main thing you point out is the growth that blogging provides Pam. And you can ‘see’ that by going back and realising just how much confidence and ability has been provided by ‘putting yourself out there’ 😀
    It is a very enlightening journey, and more than that, the connections that are made are worth their weight in gold 😀 ❤

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  5. Oliana

    We joined WordPress around the same time…well, maybe my other blog. I have always admired your writing, Pam. Even your first is filled with wisdom and I like the sense of community that has built among many readers. I have only met 3 bloggers since 2013 and you were the first:)

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  6. quiall Post author

    You say the nicest things! You are the only blogger I have met in person but I feel a very strong friendship with many of them. I like this world.


  7. Sunshine Jansen

    Wow I just realized I started mine 4 years ago too, this very month. You were in fact the first blog I read that made me realize: hey, this doesn’t have to be a pity party — I can just write and create and remember I had a life before That Thing came along and furthermore give That Thing a good swift kick in the pants while I was doing it! 🙂 Thanks for everything, Pam — Onward!

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