A Fashion Statement


I am not now nor have I ever been considered a fashionista. No one has ever swooned at the sight of my shoes. Neither has anyone drunkenly staggered to the curb and vomited at the sight of my scarf. I am not fashion forward nor am I fashion savvy. I wear what is comfortable and what I consider to be inoffensive. I am pretty sure that Picasso would be bored at my attire. And Pavarotti would never sing arias at my fashionable wit. I am absolutely fine with that!

I ensure that the appropriate bits are suitably clothed and that there is nothing showing that would cause eye spasms if noticed out of context. Shoes, socks, shirts and slacks. That’s not too difficult a mantra to work around. I do admire people who can be tastefully put together. My concern is that I am not too distastefully put together that I cause small children to scream at the sight. But I do have a question . . .

What were they thinking? Over the years fashion has been created and directed by a small and questionably sane, syndicate of designers. There is a conspiracy with marketing gurus and the clothing associations. Billions are at play. Successes have been brilliant and failures have been hilarious. I beg forgiveness if I offend anyone with my list of Fashion Foibles. . . .

Socks with sandals. Seriously do I need to say anything else? If your toes are cold, wear shoes !

Your underwear is showing! If you think your underwear is so mind blowing that everyone needs to see it, wear it on top your pants. I didn’t think so. The statement you are actually making is: “I’m an idiot”.

Your belly is showing! There truly are individuals who when wearing these crop tops can be seen as adorable, they’re 12.

Fanny packs. I thought these were great when they were popular. I still think they are practical. Now do you understand why I’m not considered fashionable?

The Man Bun. As a woman perhaps I don’t have the right to judge this supposedly new fashion statement by men. But gentleman did you know that the ‘man bun’ has been around since at least the 10th century? The samurai sported it a very long time ago and I will question whether or not you could live up to their standards. Call me mean but I don’t like the man bun.

I like comfort and convenience in my clothing. I hate the fact that so many women, especially young ones, are getting their fashion ideas rammed down their throats by people who are out to make a buck. I like women in dresses with comfortable shoes. I like men in suits and ties. I like jeans and loafers with billowing shirts and funky scarfs. My heart goes out to those who are killing themselves to be fashionable. And my condemnation goes out to those who pray on the aforementioned.

I may not be considered fashionable but I am considered tidy and that’s a better trade-off in my book!

54 thoughts on “A Fashion Statement

  1. Dan Antion

    Great post Pam. I don’t think I’ve done any of these on purpose. I’ve gone through multiple tee shirts on a hot and sweaty day, but I never venture into the shirtless zone. I do think of my wife, and the neighbors, and the passengers in those planes overhead. They don’t need to see that.

    Fanny packs may not be fashionable, but I think my tool belts and nail bags are. I love it when I’m working around the house and I get to wear one of those bad boys. I’d love to be able to wear one to work, or in public. I mean, it’s an open bag for stuff you need. Keeps it handy. Don’t worry, no trend-setter here.

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  2. scifihammy

    A Fun post. 🙂
    I think people who wear socks with sandals should be shot! Out of all the fashion faux pas over the years, this one really grates.
    Like you, I dress for comfort – and not to offend. I wear clothes that “I” like and don’t worry about fashion any more – not since I was about 17!
    I found a style I like and stuck to it. The amusing thing is – that over the years, my style comes right back into fashion again; so some times I am even Ahead of the game! 😀

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  3. Mark Lanesbury

    Now I’m not condoning the style Pam…but…did you know that sock/sandal wearing individuals can be:
    1. Hiding a not too nice foot skin conditions from diabetes, Eczema or fungal infections etc.
    2. Unable to wear normal footwear because it aggravates those conditions.
    3. They like socks with sandals 😀
    Well, some of us aren’t very savvy for our fashion sense 😀
    But the only reason I mention this is…I decided I would help this poor chap in his fashion sense…and got promptly told that he was only wearing that ‘rubbish’ because he had a nasty fungal infection that looked hideous and any shoes rubbed and made the foot sweat, making it worse. So he decided it was at least better for the viewing public to not see it (socks), and allow him to at least get out and do what he needed to do (sandals).
    After I stopped going red from embarrassment, I apologized to the man and ‘view’ the sock/sandal combination a little differently now 😀
    Mind you, after counting how many that are actually wearing this style, maybe the health department need to be alerted to a foot ‘disease’ outbreak 😀

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    1. quiall Post author

      Good points. And really some people just like socks with sandals. I may not like something but I would never suggest that another stop doing what they want. I am no fashion savant!

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  4. eths

    Ah, my friend, no offense taken, but I do wear socks with sandals. The sandals are the most comfortable shoes I have. However, I happen to agree with your opinion.

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  6. dweezer19

    Hmmmm…to a point I say live and let live. I do agree with your observations. But the one that really burns my buns is the young women with stringy, unwashed looking hair. At first I thought it was poor grooming or lack of proper rearing but then I realized it was some sort of fashion trend (or anti fashion statement) when it began showing up in film and on tv. It was being done purposely…with products. Talk about making a buck at the expense of the public! 😱

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  7. Ellen Hawley

    I’m dyslexic in fashion and at some point in my life stopped trying, which was a massive relief. But I can tell you this about the fanny pack: In Britain (also in New Zealand and I’m not sure which other British-leaning countries), the phrase takes on a different and totally bizarre meaning. Your fanny isn’t your hind end, it’s your–um, how do you feel about biological frankness? To be on the safe side, let’s say it means your lady parts. So a fanny pack? Ack! The problem transcends fashion.

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