18 thoughts on “Shady Quip

  1. scifihammy

    I meet many a sour puss around here – full of old age homes. But you know, once I chat to them and smile, they usually smile back. 🙂 But there are always those like you say!
    btw your posts are not appearing in my WP Reader – again! I’m going to un-follow and re-follow you. That seemed to do the trick last time.

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  2. Léa

    It is painfully sad that some never feel they have anything to smile about. I come from a long line of “non-smiling” people. I was actually considered less for smiling as what could I have to smile about? Perhaps it was a smile someone gave me so very long ago when I needed it so much. If I see someone without a smile, I give them one of mine. You might be surprised how often it works… 🙂

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