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I Will Remember


Memories are fleeting

As time takes a beating

Soon lost to the world

They will be

The sights I have seen

The places I’ve been

Who will remember

Them now

This instant in time

Is where we will shine

The strength of our light

Is still strong

Remember or not

The things we have got

Our time here simply

Was brilliant

As millennium pass by

In the blink of an eye

I will remember

Until I am gone.

The ether up top

Is where we will stop

Together we become

As the wind

Language versus language

This is another Blast From My Past. I posted this in 2013



When we speak to each other it is our fervent hope that we will be understood. There are language barriers and cultural barriers and even economical barriers but for the most part we do understand each other. Unfortunately there is another barrier that is not as easily surmounted: the generational barrier.

Today’s generation speaks digitally. They form whole conversations in 140 characters. That’s characters not words. Language is a signpost for our culture and as such it must constantly be evolving. I’m quite happy not to be using words like ‘thou’ and ‘yea’ in my everyday conversations. And I absolutely understand the need for brevity. But perhaps I have passed over the invisible barrier that separates ‘them’ from ‘us’. I need more than 140 characters to convey, well, anything! I don’t LOL. I actually use whole words when I laugh out loud! I know, I know, I sound like my parents did when we used words like ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ to describe everything. I heard someone the other day using the word ‘cool’ and I looked to see if it was someone over 50. It wasn’t! The word may be making a comeback. That would be so cool!

Everything affects language. Music, fashion, technology and even travel will affect our speech. The more our disparate countries interact with one another the more cross-pollination of words seems to happen. The English language is the one I know best, it’s the only one I know well. But I also realize that the English language is not a pure language. It is made up of words from other cultures through colonization and trade. Words that we are convinced are English words actually have an origin in other languages. The word bungalow comes from India. The word assassin is an Arabic word. The word robot is of Czech origin. Status quo is Latin. The list is seemingly endless.

As a species we need to evolve. We once wallowed in the primordial sludge shortly after the Big Bang and now we are testing our wings in space. The human race has spawned magnificence in the art world, in technology and in the written word regardless of what language it is written in. We all belong to one race: the human race and I happen to think we are pretty incredible! Sometimes when I listen to modern music I wonder if the concept of de-evolution is alive and well! But in truth it is simply evolution at work. You always have to shake a little bit to get rid of the useless bits.


Tomorrow will be the today we dreamt about yesterday!


A Political Statement



A political statement

Needs to be heard

By people who matter

Not lines that are blurred


Trust is an issue

And what’s good for us all

Not perks for a few

And the rest to the wall


I want to feel safe

And valued as one

Not facing the barrel

Of an anger fuelled gun


Why is the question

So hard to discern ?

Speak from the heart

With a voice of concern


Lives are what matter

We all are as one

That is the day when

We will have won


You are important

And I am as well

That’s the first step

The hate we must quell


This fight must be forward

Our world is being slammed

No arguments between us

Politics be damned!