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Can you hear a moon beam

As it whispers on the wind?

Can you see the hand of God

Resting on your skin?


Do you feel the spirit

Warm around your heart?

Do you know for certain

You’ve made the perfect start?


Will you be the best

That you could ever be?

Will you pay attention

To things you cannot see?


Are you now forever

The person that is best?

Are you living fully

Gently with the rest?


What are you afraid of

That stops you being true?

What are you remembering

Of the One that made you, you?


Can you hear the words

Spoken from within?

Safe with Him forever

Will you now begin?

I Believe . . .

I sat down to write my post this morning and I couldn’t. I had just seen the news about an IED explosion on a tube train in London England. People were hurt, but there were no deaths. They’re calling it a terrorist attack. Why did it happen?!

I’ve been watching the news about the several hurricanes, the deaths, the destruction, the horror. Wildfires are destroying land and homes. Flooding, famine, abuses, shootings, stabbings . . . . Maybe our world doesn’t deserve to survive.

No, I don’t believe that. The newsmakers like to report on the terrors of our world, the negativity. Not the incredible instances of kindness and compassion. Or rather, they will report them on the fifth and six page of the newspaper or in the final few minutes of a televised report. I believe in people. I believe there are more good people in the world then there are bad. If aliens were to watch our newscasts I’m pretty sure they would despair. Why would they want to contact a species that is so at odds with itself. We don’t seem to like each other!

It’s true! There are wars constantly being fought all over the world. I don’t know if they’re justified but I do know that people are being displaced, killed and harmed in so many ways. We are the cause. Global warming? Scientists are saying it’s responsible for the extreme weather we are experiencing. We contribute to that. Our greed, our insatiable need for more, for better. We’ve been told for generations that we are harming our selves by harming our planet and yet we continue to contribute to the problems. Self-flagellation? And now we are handing the horrors that we help to create, off to our children. Shame.

I am a hopeless romantic. I am an unrepentant optimist. I am a child of Star Trek. That universe showed a future that could be, should be. We have done so much good, created so much beauty. I believe that we will evolve to be the people we should have been all along. I believe in us. I just hope it isn’t too late.






A friend made a comment

She made it to me

You’re silly you know

My advice here is free


With joyous abandon

You live life to the full

It is said from the heart

I tell you no bull


With laughter galore

And a chuckle or two

You look for the best

In all around you


Each day with a smile

You greet every dawn

With honour a suit

Each day you put on


Life is a journey

You share with the best

Our days may be numbered

So we’re on a quest


Be kind to each other

Is the quote for the day

And live every moment

As we all join the fray