10 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Isn’t that the truth Pam. I’ve watched the government places here continue with this ‘save a dollar’ by continuously downsizing positions to such a degree that all the workers are in a continuous state of stress, not knowing if they have a job at the next round, and the fact (like any new job), that each time they have to go through a settling in period. On top of that, this continue to downsize seriously affects their ability to do what they are supposed to do, serve the public. As you would be aware, even trying to ring any of these departments you may as well make a coffee, a cake and do your washing while you wait to get put through to someone…and then when you do, they have to ‘put you through’ to someone else because they no longer do that.
    Sheeesh…and you do realise that soon you will have to try to get some sense out of a robot. And just to rub our noses in it a little further, its our tax dollar they are doing it to us with 😦

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