Once upon a time


A place for everything and everything in its place. I love to tell people that, that is how I like things to be. To be absolutely honest, that isn’t exactly true.   A little chaos can be quite liberating!

I have lived in my home for 23 ½ years. I’ve said in the past that I am a Nester. I like to stay put. I like to be comfortable in my surroundings. The thought of packing up my life and moving to another location, even if it were better, terrifies me. I ain’t moving anywhere, anytime soon! (yes I am English major)

I admire those who live the gypsy existence and frequently move on to something better or more exciting. Part of me would love to be a traveler. I would have loved to be someone who explores the world and experiences different cultures. But I am not that person. I live vicariously through the Internet, through my friends who travel and through books. That may not be the most exciting way to live but is mine. And I make no apologies.

I recognize that my education is, of course, incomplete because I have so little empirical data. But then isn’t that the whole point: one’s education should never be complete. The day we stop learning is the day we stop. Learn a new skill, a new language, a new culture. We are all enhanced by what we learn. There is such joy and fulfillment in how we better ourselves and one facet of that is knowledge.

Once upon a time it was inconceivable that young girls be taught to read. Once upon a time the world was believed to be flat. Once upon a time there was no language. Once upon a time all that existed was primordial sludge. How far we have come. How far we still have to go. And I’m still enjoying the ride!

16 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. Maggie Wilson

    I visited with my Aunt a few years back. We got to talking about how many places I had lived – she said that she envied me the experience. That took me by surprise – because I envied her experience of constancy and familiarity. Go figure.

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  2. dweezer19

    I think if we stop seeking new knowledge our minds become jumbled and mix up the old stuff. I agree with Maggie. I always dreamed of being old, living in a little country house and having my grandchildren run up the porch steps to hug me when they arrived for holidays. I would be sitting there, snapping beans I grew in my own garden. There would be pie baked, of course. Instead, now people tell me how blessed I am to have lived eveb briefly in paradise. It is indeed relative.

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  3. Mark Lanesbury

    It will always be a magic carpet ride Pam…though sometimes through some very sharp curves. Mind you, that’s so our adrenal gland isn’t in an old people’s home for anatomy 😀
    Great post, may your adrenal gland be happy wherever it is 😀

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