Lost to the Heart?

A lost toy is

So very sad.

Alone in an airport.

Forgotten, mislaid

Stepped on,


What memories


Stuffed deep inside

By chubby wee fingers.

Clutched close to the chest,

Desperate, concerned.

One’s deepest felt fears,

And secrets imparted.

For that silent companion

Tears bursting forth.

A heart has been broken.

But perhaps it is two:

The soul of a child,

And the soul of a toy.

Stuffing and buttons

Sewn by another.

Inanimate they say,

But then ask a child.

No companion so close,

So dear to the heart,

As that one forever

Wrapped around


Love is a state

Where toys

Never die.

18 thoughts on “Lost to the Heart?

  1. Garfield Hug

    Fluffy the rabbit will be missed by the owner. I know because I sobbed my heart and eyes out when I lost my inaugural Garfield in Turkey. I left him in the hotel, amongst the beddings…clean forgot. Sigh!😢

    Liked by 1 person


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