Give Me Strength


Lord give me strength

Don’t leave me alone

I’m waiting for signs

I’m right by the phone.


I think I am good

I do as I’m told

That bit with the baker

Just means I’m not old.


I know what you think

I should not have said

But seriously Lord

I just wanted bread.


Not one of the 10

Have I seriously broken

But in moments of stress

Number three have I spoken.


One is intact and 5 is a given

I try number 4 each Sunday I do

But sleep is the devil

If only you knew.


My Lord is my Saviour

He waits by my side

When shopping for shoes

I swear He does hide!


Each morning and night

I kneel down in prayer

I say all the words

You taught me to share.


But now is the time

Dear Lord that I ask

Forgiveness in truth

For a despicable task.


My last nerve did he break

And I killed without thought

That mosquito is dead

Your words I forgot.


Stop laughing Dear Lord

There’s a mess on my floor

Your mask it is slipping

And I think that you swore!

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