A Cracked Pot

There is a lovely story out of India about a Water Bearer who carried two large pots on a pole to get water everyday. One pot was beautiful and carried its water with pride. The other pot had a small crack in the side and was never able to deliver a full load. Years went by, finally the cracked pot spoke up and apologized for its inability to fulfill its duty.

The Water Bearer smiled and replied that it had indeed fulfilled its duty. All along the side where the water had leaked out each day, were beautiful, luscious flowers. The Water Bearer had noticed the leak and had planted seeds to take advantage.   One small supposed ‘flaw’ and the land was beautiful, because of that crack in the pot.

I have taken a little license with the story but it is accurate. Of course Clay pots can’t talk but they are able to speak and to teach. We all have “flaws” or things about ourselves we considered to be less than optimal. But that is actually part of who we are. You don’t love someone in spite of their flaws, you love them because of their flaws. That is part of what makes them who they are!

Who is to say that they are flaws? Faults, errors, defects, mistakes, imperfections . . . the list is quite extensive. Who is it that decides that someone has a flaw or a defect? Society has a very narrow view of, well, everything. Not everyone fits nicely or easily into that narrow hole. I don’t and I’m proud of it!

That cracked pot was able to share without knowing. It was providing a service, a benefit, to those it knew nothing about. There are great accolades for people who intentionally try to benefit society and we need that. We need them. We also need people who by their very presence make the world a better place. And that’s something we can all do. By being a good person we can help to make our world brighter. By letting our cracks show and sharing of ourselves. We do make a difference every day. I would like to consider myself a cracked pot, how about you?

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