Looking Back

We are all in a room

Our heads bent in prayer

Giving our thanks

For the things that we share


God is our focus

His works and his word

Depths of His meaning

And all we have heard


We get strength from each other

In this place where we are

Every day, every way

We are travelling far


We wander His words

And learn all His teaching

The roads we are taking

Are because of His preaching


My Lord is my Shepard

I shall never lack

For His sake alone

I’ll never look back



7 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    But it shows us where we’ve come from in our past Pam, and even where we are afraid to go in the future, while our fears reside in our hearts. Those times of always looking back at what has happened to us, and the ‘what if’s’ of the future (conditional) 😀
    When our fears are seen for what they really are and finally understood…then we ‘let go’ and ‘see’ the beauty in this moment…and just live in the now (unconditional) 😀
    Each has purpose, to find that balance that is us. God’s words a signpost to guide and show us that love within 😀
    Great poem Pam, and a journey we will all take ❤

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