It’s Done!


Yup! It’s over. Kaput. It’s gone, finished. And what the hell do we do next!

The year 2017 was a good year. It was also a bloody awful year. As I look back over the previous 12 months I’m pleased that I survived it and that those I love, are happy and healthy. We have made great strides as a species but there have also been atrocities that we have to take responsibility for. But not today.

Today I want to remember fondly the things I’ve done, the people I have connected with and the dreams I still hold dear. December 31 is a day of reflection and of anticipation. Where are we going next? What are our goals? I can only speak for myself and I can only postulate that the good times I am expecting will only manifest themselves if I’m in the right attitude. It’s all about the attitude.

Have I grown as an individual? Have I been a positive influence to those I have connected with? I think so. I hope so.

Anticipation is a wonderful way to greet the New Year. And I am anticipating a year full of laughter and positive experiences. I’m going to publish at least one book this year, possibly two. I’m going to have another art show that I am excited about. I’m painting underseascapes that I have never done before. And I’ve already sold one painting!

Will there be tears in my future? Probably. I’m sure there will be disappointments and anger and sadness and . . . but that’s okay. It’s all part of the journey and I’m looking forward to the next step. Would you like to share a little of my journey? It’s going to be a ride!

18 thoughts on “It’s Done!

  1. Dan Antion

    I will be happy to tag along on your journey, Pam. For underseascapes (I never thought of that as a word. Maybe the last thing I learned in 2017) to Shady Quips. I’ll be there. One of the best things in 2017 was starting my days checking in on your journey. Happy New Year!!!

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  2. Sunshine Jansen

    I’m looking forward to at least a finished and successfully pitched book, if not a full-out published one yet — still lots of work to do this winter — but I’m excited to think of yours coming out! Looking forward to seeing more of your art too; undersea landscapes are wonderful, so much opportunity for unique plays of light. All the best in 2018!!

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