Monthly Archives: January 2018

Puzzles Pieces



Puzzles pieces

All in a row

Some up, some down,

Some to and fro.

They fit together

The perfect part

You try to find

With head and heart.

Hours of fun

To drive you crazy

How short it is

Will leave you hazy.

But when they fit

And all is right

Just like life

You hold it tight!


Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Relationships. They’re so confusing. My parents were married for 58 years. My father was a hermit and my mother was a social butterfly and yet they fit together like they were meant to. Those two jigsaw puzzle pieces just fit perfectly. It doesn’t happen all that often.

Do you remember your first job. Looking back can you remember all the little pieces that had to fit together for it all to work? Think of the World Trade Center. That fateful day somebody missed a bus and didn’t make it to work on time. Or the man that stopped to buy a birthday card and was late. Or the person that overslept because they had had a fight with their significant other the night before. That saved their lives. Puzzle pieces. That’s what life is.

Every action that we take, every reaction that we have, changes the patterns of our lives. Sometimes the pieces fit together easily and everything is perfect. Sometimes the pieces don’t fit and you can’t figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes. And we never know which times are going to be good and which are going to fail miserably.

The picture that emerges when pieces fit together can be life-changing. If I had gone left instead of right would the life I lead now be the same as it could be. You can quite easily drive yourself mad trying to figure out the ‘what it’s’. But then isn’t that the charm? The Not knowing? I like to be surprised and that is the one thing that is a constant in a life well lived: surprise!


A Serious Thought


A serious thought

Popped into my head

It seems there was trouble

With a word that I said.


I cannot remember

The word that I used

But my brain is insisting

That my ego is bruised.


My feelings chimed in

They felt it was wrong

The word that I used

Belonged in a song.


Confusion’s set in

We’re all in a flux

The bits that are me

Think everything sucks!


I need calm in this place

That I call my head

Relax and shut up

I know what I said!


I lied to them all

I needed some peace

It is sleep I require

As the voices decrease.


Have you ever surmised

About the noise in your head

They’re loud all our lives

Until we are dead








I welcome the gang

When we all work as one

But then there are days

When I am seriously done!