Taking Responsibility

Two little words. Actually they are not so little and neither is their meaning. Taking Responsibility is something that is often not done and always should be. And who gets the blame? Well, of course, everyone else. Lately it’s the Millennial’s. A generation of young people whose name is usually used before or after a snide comment.

It isn’t their fault, usually. Their parents, and that generation, was so hell bent on protecting the children of the next-generation that in doing so, insulated them too far. They grew up not knowing what it was like to fail. Failure is part of the learning curve. We have to learn how to deal with disappointment and rejection and angst.   It’s all part of the process. If, as a child you’re always told that you are perfect and can do no wrong then as an adult you will continue to believe it.

My generation was so proud of getting away from the Me Generation that we boomerang straight into the Fear Generation. And it’s all our fault, mostly.

Our world will one day be run by the Millennial’s. They will one day be leaders of industry, politicians and law makers. Hopefully their childhood of fear will segue into caring and competent adults. I am an unrepentant optimist. I believe that not all of them are quite as clueless as so many appear to be. But it will not be easy.

Mistakes were made in the past and the past never goes away. What is that saying: ‘if you forget your past, you’re doomed to repeat it.’ It’s entirely possible I have forgotten the exact quote, but you get the gist. I’ve often heard the youth dismissing what has gone on in the past. I have heard that is archaic and is not relevant. It is comments like that, that makes one wonder if they have what it takes to survive.

A few years ago power went out over a great deal of Central Canada and the northern states. I wasn’t significantly bothered. It was in the summertime but it wasn’t too hot and I simply had a cold dinner that night. Traffic lights were out, subways were out, even cell towers were down. The power was out for I believe up to 12 hours, or more, in some areas. There was a lot of trouble in the cities with traffic lights etc.

What I found particularly telling in this whole situation was the furor brought on by the inability of people to use their cell phones. And lights! I had people knocking on my door because they heard I had candles. These people did not know what to do when the lights went out. They didn’t have candles because, well, there is a light on their cell phone. People honestly said that to me. They could not conceive of their being no electricity.

Such a little thing as no lights and the world goes to hell? Not in my generation. You put a candle in a glass in one hand, a bottle of beer in the other and you’ve got a date. If the Millennial’s cannot learn to adapt then I’m glad I won’t be here to see it.

15 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility

  1. Dan Antion

    Most of them don’t know how to fix anything around their house, either.

    We lost power in our town for 10 days after s freak October snow storm. My wife kept the house warm with the wood stove. We took quick cold showers and we ate what we had or I went out to find take-out from a restaurant that had a generator. In short, we survived. We had candles, flashlights and books.

    Good observations, Pam.

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  2. scifihammy

    I can only hope that when the time comes, something will click on in their brains and they will rise to the occasion.
    Our generation is more used to making do and coping in trying circumstances such as blackouts. But a few generations ago they might have worried about us, because we don’t grow our own food and have no idea how to kill a cow! 🙂

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  3. oldmainer

    As has long been said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We know our power will at some time go out as it did several days this winter. That’s why we have a generator, extra food in the pantry, and plenty of wood for the fireplace. To think that your life revolves around that little hand held device is to defy logic. Beam me up Scottie.

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  4. Mark Lanesbury

    I think the universe knows what it is doing Pam. That generation only comes about because of our technology, which means a large population. One bad event like a huge earthquake, disease, tsunami or war…and they won’t be able to survive it. It happens in all of natures boom and bust cycles, an animal will overpopulate and it triggers something, usually something to do with their health, a virus like the avian flu and their numbers get decimated.
    It is called natural selection and has been happening for a very long time. She knows when something is not working well, and that afterwards she can begin with a changed model, a survivor, one a bit tougher than the last 😀
    It’s either that or the next generation will be permanently sat in an overstuffed chair waving to robots for their every whim, slowly vegetating into a brain on a pedestal 😀

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