To Plan or Not To Plan

A friend of mine made a comment the other day that I have been pondering ever since I heard it. He said that ‘a bad plan was better than no plan’. Now he is a military man so perhaps in that context it might be true.   An intelligent person can always modify a plan on the fly. Thereby changing a bad plan into a good plan. But using the same rationale: couldn’t one create a plan, on the move, to suit the circumstances of the moment?

My first reaction was that I don’t have a plan. Or rather I make things up as I go along. I like spontaneity and the titillation of not knowing what’s coming next. But then isn’t that idea just a very loose plan? I’ve been talking myself in circles. On one hand having no plan can leave one floundering with no idea, no concept of how to move forward. On the other hand having no plan could mean that you’re open to create the circumstances you wish while not being constrained by any artificial restraints of your ‘plan’. Are you confused yet? I am.

Some people enjoy the regimentation of everything being planned to the minutia. Others, myself included, love the instability and challenges that can creep up when you’re not too tightly organized. When I was traveling I made sure I had a plan for getting to my destination and I was aware of my options once I was there but I liked to make any decisions when I opened my eyes in the morning. I liked to be able to change my plans at a second’s notice. I liked the challenge of not knowing what’s around the corner and then reacting to it.

Now isn’t that what life is all about? I am sure my parents had plans for me as a child and worked towards my being a competent adult. I think they did their job well. I of course may be biased in that! But I am a thinking adult. I make my own decisions and I’m capable of reacting to the world around me. I enjoy that aspect. Someone once said that everyone should do one thing a day that terrifies them. I like that idea. I might not do it everyday but I do not shy away from that which frightens me. Except for snakes. Oh my good heavens I am so shying away!!!

Whatever kind of person you are, planner, non-planner or a combination of the two I think we all have the same goal: to enjoy life, you’ve only got one!


16 thoughts on “To Plan or Not To Plan

  1. Almost Iowa

    I do not agree that a bad plan is better than no plan because more important than a plan is knowing what you are going to do. In my business, I have repeatedly seen tens of millions spent on well-planned wrong ideas.

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  2. dweezer19

    This is a very good subject. I tend to be spontaneous and flexible, whereas my hubby maps out every move, right down to strategizing trips to the restroom in a restaurant. I’m a “let’s drive into town and find this store-I know what street it’s on” kind of gal, whereas he wants to put it into GPS and let it direct us, but only after he has exhausted the reviews of said store ( restaurant, bar, gallery, etc) including reviews of parking. Okay, I know what you are thinking. Makes for less complications, how great that he is prepared. I agree to a point. But when we can never manage to leave the house until noon because of this habit, it becomes the bain of my Free 48. Yet, let me try to plan a weekend event during the week and he bristles, not wanting to ‘plan’ that far ahead.?!? He is a beautiful contradiction. I think it’s that he is a perfectionist while I am an adventurer, make do kind of person. We are like oil and vinegar. Once we get moving together we compliment one another. Lol

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  3. Dan Antion

    I try to be flexible in life, but I need to have a plan at work (that’s why they pay me). Lately, I’ve been fighting two forces: one that wants to not have a plan and one that wants a bad plan. Neither is a good option.

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