Conversations With Myself

Have you wondered what advice you would give yourself if you could meet the younger you?       I have. And so to aid in that little experiment I took a hypothetical stroll through my memories. It was an interesting jaunt.

Now you think I would go back just far enough to make a difference but not so far back as to terrify myself. The infant stage is much too young for paranormal activities. We might be more open to them at that age but I don’t think we have the mental capacity to analyze and internalize the incident for it to be at all helpful. It would become part of our dreams or our mythology. Not helpful.

In the teenage years we might have the mental capacity to understand it but would we have the experience to incorporate and benefit from the information? Let’s face it, the teenage years are often full of angst and indecision.  We don’t want to stand out from the crowd too much and accepting information from any future you is just a bit too ‘out there’.

Now our 20s and 30s are the perfect time. We are starting to get our footing into a career and to understand the thought processes required to function in society. We are beginning to manifest the courage to become the individual we always wanted to be. So perhaps that would be the perfect time to get reacquainted. I wonder how that would go? In the wee hours of the night a conversation might go something like this:


”Hello me!”

“Say, what? Man that sushi must’ve been bad! Or maybe I have a tumour. Are you a tumour?”

Laughing quietly, “No, I’m not a tuna or a tumour! I am you in 40 years! Is there anything you would like to ask me? I have so much to tell you to make your life better!”

“Got any winning lottery numbers?”

(Damn, I never thought of that! Why didn’t I think of lottery numbers?) “I’m not here with easy fixes. I’m here to help the you that you are today be better for tomorrow. “

“That sounds like cheating. Do I become a cheater?”

“Er, no, I just thought that you could benefit from the experiences I have gained by living         my life.”

“But that’s not my life.”

“Well, yes it is because I’m you.”

No you’re not. You’re the you from 40 years in the future. I’m not you,

I’m me.


And that in a nutshell is why it would never work. The person I am today is not the person I was 40 years ago and the only way to become the person I am today is to live those 40 years. There ain’t no shortcuts in life!


29 thoughts on “Conversations With Myself

  1. dweezer19

    Oddly enough, I would likely listen to ‘me’ because I would be older. I would definitely check out my skin and hair for maintenance purposes. Lol. Since I love all things paranormal, I would find it fun too. I actually listened to my parents’ advice although a few times I did things my iwn way and discovered they had been right, Love that photo of you too! 😀

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  2. Murphy's Law

    I totally agree, there are no shortcuts in life. I don’t think I would have listened to a 40-year older me. Life is day by day.

    Pam, you were a beautiful young woman and you are beautiful now. And the best part is that your beauty radiates from the inside out.

    Very interesting post. Now you have my few functioning brain cells working overtime thinking about this! 😜😜

    Hope you have a great day with something planned that you truly enjoy.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  3. Biff Sock Pow

    Excellent read! And you’re absolutely right about my younger me perhaps not being able to process or appreciate what the older me would have to say. On the other hand, I would love to go back in time to hear what my younger self has to say. I’d love to be reminded of all of the hopes and dreams of the younger me. I’d love to feel the optimism and energy of the younger me. Those are the things that we tend to lose somewhere along the road.

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  4. Hatem Kaldas

    Very nice.
    It reminded me with a story. Couple of years ago I had around 5 hours to kill in Frankfort airport between connections. I was strolling looking to shops in real boredom when all of the sudden I heard someone shouting my name. It turned out to be the one in a million chance of meeting someone I knew and haven’t seen for almost 35 years. Guess how did we talk? She was talking to the 35 years younger me, and I was talking to the 35 years younger she.
    Unfortunately she only had an hour. Or may be it was fortunate that we only spent one hour otherwise our talk would have matured to the real she and the real me.

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  5. Dan Antion

    I don’t think I’d give myself any advice. I made the biggest mistake of my life in my early 20s, but several people tried to talk me out of it – I didn’t listen to them, I doubt I’d listen to me. Besides, bad as (that marriage) it was, it took me down a road I would never have followed. Then I would never have ended up here. Things could always be worse than they are.

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