10 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    And they always keep trying, chugging away trying to reach some destination, huffing and puffing while almost blowing a valve or two. Even going through dark tunnels, finally seeing some light after a long scary part of their journey.
    Now if I could just get them to pay me for the trip I’d be set Pam, instead of blowing my boiler by constantly blocking my path with those red lights 😀

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  2. Mark Caudill

    And the conductor say’s, ( all aboard ) where are you taking the train of life today?
    This reminds me of a lot of songs about trains that use a train as a metaphor for life, and your right, the cost of riding the train of life just keeps going up.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a super wonderful day.

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