Do you see what I see?


“It’s raining! Everything is wet and miserable. I can’t enjoy a day that is so dull!”

“It’s raining! Everything is wet and wonderful. I can’t help enjoying a day that is so vibrant!”

Ask any police officer at the scene of any crime. Each witness will have a different version. And to each one of them it is the absolute truth. Why? That’s easy: perception.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet and trust me, that means 7 billion opinions. But in all honesty the only opinion that actually matters is mine. Or, yours for you. Are you confused yet?

As I’m writing this, the day is slightly overcast and actually quite dull.   I love days like this. The pace is a little slower, I don’t have to worry about the sun being too hot or getting a sunburn.   These are bonus days for me! I even like a decent rain. To watch the water droplets caress the windows as they slowly meander downwards. It’s like diamonds on a crown. You just can’t cash them in!

How we perceive what is right in front of us is predicated on several things. Our vision of course is paramount but also the shades we wear over our eyes and I’m not talking about the ones you buy. They say that people see what they want to see or that they wear rose-coloured glasses. All this means is that we interpret what we see, differently. Someone who has lived far too long in drought conditions will love the sound and sight of a gentle rain. Someone who comes from a rainy country will not.

All our experiences will have an impact on how we perceive things. I hate some shades of pink so anything that has that shade on it is automatically going to go into my ‘not liking’ category. It may not be logical or even fair but that’s part of my makeup. We all have our idiosyncrasies, our likes and dislikes. And all of those play into how we understand things. I can honestly say it’s a bias that we all have.

People usually judge other people in the first few seconds of meeting them. It‘s almost unconsciously done. But the trick is being able to modify that opinion once more data is forthcoming. If I see someone shouting angrily at another, I’m going to immediately form the opinion that they’re not a nice person. I know nothing of the circumstances or the people involved. It may not be anger, it may be frustration. The point is, I don’t know. I formed an opinion without all the facts. Something that is happening much too often these days. Hopefully I will get the rest of the data and will then be able to amend my opinion.

It is a wise person who can admit when they are wrong.


13 thoughts on “Do you see what I see?

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Oh great master, you are also a very prescient being with great knowledge. My ex girlfriend rocked up yesterday and proceeded to press my buttons, to which I lost the plot and proceeded to become agitated towards her with feelings I had thought I had left behind in my awareness path.
    On hindsight, and after realising what I had done, my first thought was…’there for the Grace of God go I’…meaning that she was trying to break free from her fears. I knew that my feelings were an old way of being and were no longer a part of what I have now become. It was at this point that spirit came forward and let me know that this is a process we all go through, to see our pain through those that we meet, understand the why of our pain, and in doing so have much empathy and love for ourselves because of what we have endured and towards those that are still struggling.
    Our perceptions towards others most certainly do change over time Pam, and thankfully towards a more beautiful and loving place in each step that we take.
    I know these encounters are always for both parties to see something within themselves and find ‘our’ truth, but it is now for the ‘be strong bit’ and meet her and apologise for my actions ❤
    Great post my friend, may your perceptions be always be built on that love within kind lady ❤

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  2. Murphy's Law

    I see exactly what you see Pam, just differently sometimes!! I’m one of those people who either immediately likes you or not….and generally it’s right on the button. However, there was a person I had an instant dislike for the minute we met. We had mutual friends so wound up in each other’s company often. I got to know her better, in spite of myself, and we became good friends!

    But here’s the kicker. A couple of years into our friendship she confessed that she disliked me intensely when we met. Imagine that! It had never occurred to me that someone might not like ME. Lesson learned. So now I slow down that instant-judgment urge and take the time to actually get to know the person. And I hope people do the same with me!!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  3. dweezer19

    My husband and I are the epitomy of this phenomenon. Literally..and I am not frivolously using the word. My glass is always half full and his half empty. The exception would be if he is enthusiaistic about a project. Then the blinders and rose colored glasses go on. It can make for uncomfotable attendance of public events as people push his buttons a lot. We can be like oil and vinegar but when we blend, what a nice dressing!

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