The Building’s Listening


This building has a story

Of ups and downs and love gone wrong

Of broken dreams and silly pranks

A childhood fondly lived.

But broken windows and sagging doors

Don’t hide another truth,

Illicit deeds and crimes concocted

Guns and knives and bloody wounds

Death has lingered here.

But now the future has a stake

Windows broken can be repaired

The doors and walls and ceilings too

And then the fun begins,

The floors and windows once again

Will hear the children laugh.

Pouring rains and winter storms

Are not welcome here.

Come inside and sit a spell

Our tale is still being written

This building’s taking notes.


18 thoughts on “The Building’s Listening

  1. delphini510

    A wonderful poem, beautifully written and with deep feelings.
    I couldn’t agree more about old buildings and homes. They retain so much of history and
    emotions from people who lived their lives there.
    Some say, it is only brick and mortar. I don’t agree.

    ~ miriam

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  2. Lorraine

    Beautiful Pam. I got a little teary eyed reading it. Both my girls graduated from there and they had a wonderful time and a lot of fun. They sometimes reminisce and I am just learning now many years later of some of the fun times, tears shed, laughter and still managed to do well academically and go on to University. So glad it will once again have many stories within this old building. You write so beautifully Pam.

    Liked by 1 person


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