An Original Thought

I had one today

I’m sure it was true

I thought of a thing

I swear it was new.


But wait there’s another

Who thought of it first

I can’t catch a break

I think I am cursed.


I just want a single

Never once pondered

A thought all my own

Not to be squandered.


Billions of people

All stuck on a ball

Milling together

I’m feeling so small.


But you are original

And I am as well

And all of the billions

Our ranks they do swell.


So original thought

Is really quite rare

But that doesn’t mean

The attempt shouldn’t dare.


Give it a try

Using your brain

And maybe one day

A new thought you will gain!


13 thoughts on “An Original Thought

  1. Murphy's Law

    None of my ‘original’ thoughts ever turned out to be so. But then I think that it must be a good idea because others, or at least someone else, had the same thought! Another plus is that at least I’m still able to think.

    Great original poem Pam. Love your painting!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Annika Perry

    Pam, a lovely painting and poem! I go through phases where I think I have nothing original to say … but you’re right, just dare! Maybe what matters is if your idea is new to the one who reads it, strikes a chord with them, causes musings, creativity…the originality is in the expression, the manner of the art – that is endless!

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